Jonh Milton e Dante Alignieri a confronto

Milton e Dante a confronto: breve riassunto in inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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Critical notes about Milton.

Milton, one of the best writer of his period, lives the turbulence of his era being involved in the English Civil War, supporting Cromwell and devoting his entire work to the cause of Puritans. His masterpiece, Paradise Lost, is the result of the combination between the Bible, the Renaissance period and  the Puritan’s mind. The subject matter is biblical: man loses the rights of stay in Paradise, because of their ambitious and not obbedience (eating the forbidden fruit).
Paradise is lost and sin and death become part of the human condition. Paradise Lost is also a great classical religious epic poem and his inspiration cames from the Gerusalemme Liberata,  the Aeneid and the Ilyad.

John Milton: vita e opere


In Paradise Lost many elements of the epic genre can be found: the presence of the hero, the supernatural elements and the highly refined language. Satan is the most attractive character of Paradise Lost. At the begginig, he is an epic hero, brave and stubbern, but, then, he becomes a vile creature, the essence of evil, a great serpent.
A comparison between Milton and Dante comes automatically to mind. Both describe hell and are caught up in their religious ideas. But differences exist: in Divina Commedia the hero is the poet; while, in Paradise Lost, Satan is the hero and in these character Milton see himself. Dante gives up a picture of the society of his time, Milton talks mainly of the original sin. Dante’s hell is planned and organized, infact it is divided in “gironi”, where bad people “dannati” are punished. However, Milton’s hell is in a state of chaos, everything is absorbed in the morful gloom.


Then, Milton choses as place the Ptolemaic system, where God and Man are the two ends of chain; God is sitting in his throne sourrended by angels, on of theme (Satan) has been hurled down in the hell. Dante attacks political figures; Milton’s poem is not concerned with politics, but it’s possible to interpret some elements like a protest against monarchy, infact Milton put himself at the service of the Repubblic, knows as Commonwealth. Dante, to describe the hell, used a nag languages, caracterized by a dark tone, while Milton’s language is very elevated and far from common speach, one of the best examples of high style, rich of Latinism.