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Tema d'inglese, la spazzatura Tema d'inglese, la spazzatura.

Reycycling rubbish: what can be done? Whisky, which is one of the main national products in Scotland, and beer, one of the products of England, are also linked to an enormous production of bottles and cans. And bottles and cans are part of the tonnes of rubbish that the average British family produces every year. But once they have put their dustbins out for collection they don't care about what happens next. In fact, getting rid of rubbish is an enormous problem. Whether it's burred of burnt, the cost to the environment is too high a price to pay.
All refuse disposal methods cause pollution to the soil, air or water. And what's more, such pollution is unnecessary because some 80% of the contents of the dustbins can be recycled. Every year in Britain 6 billion bottles are used and the amount of the glass burned in the soil is nearly equal to the weight oh 3,500 jumbo jets.


People use 3,5 million tonnes of plastic, a third of which is packaging. Millions of birds and other animal die annually because they get tangled up in, or choke on discarded plastic. Moreover, 9,5 million tonnes of paper and board are used - over two trees per person, equivalent to a forest the size of Wales. And finally, British people use 17 billion cans that's an average of 300 per person. Almost all of the above rubbish could be recycled. Recycling helps to conserve the world limited natural resources - trees, metals, oil, coal and glass.

Riassunto sul problema dei rifiuti


For example, new glass can be made from old bottles, using less energy than making glass from raw material. Recycling plastic means that much less oil is used, while recycling paper means cutting down fewer trees which are essential as the “lungs” of the world, for the prevention of soil erosion and for supporting many kinds of life. And recycling drinking cans uses only 5% of the energy needed to make new cans. This can help reduce global warming and climate changes.

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