Il matrimonio

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Ten years of marriage, thought Edith, it seems yesterday.
But it’s not. Ten years have passed since she went to the altar, but she didn’t feel them. Maybe because of her first-born’s birth, Lucas, maybe just because she loved him more than anyone and it had to be a strong love to live near a man like the one she married. He didn’t embody the perfect man, not at all, he seemed to have all the faults that a man could have, but he was also the only one who understood deeply and completely his wife. But how many doubts before the marriage! Edith persuaded herself thinking how normal it was having doubts about a such a big deal, every woman would have been in doubt, especially because their first meeting was just good, nothing special, said always Edith. She was in the living room, looked around and saw all that stuff that before would have made her the proudest and the most glorious woman in the world..