Romeo and Juliet

Considerazioni personali in inglese sul capolavoro di Shakespeare, con analisi dei singoli personaggi (1 pagine formato doc)

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Main characters

From what he said and did in the scenes, he might be described as bold and impulsive when he replied Juliet's love, courageous because he wasn't afraid of the danger of being in the Capulets' garden, passionate when he declared his love. He lived a beautiful life, but he wasn't satisfied, because he couldn't marry and loved Juliet, the daughter of his enemy family. I couldn't find a physical description of Romeo in the text, but from the adjectives that Juliet refereed to him, I think he might be a young and handsome boy, who wore elegant clothes and knew the good manners.

- Juliet.
She was sincere and spontaneous when she spoke about her feelings; simple and innocent because she gave her love without flirting with Romeo; and she was concerned about Romeo's safety. Also she was undefended and was protected only by her parents, who considered her like a little girl, but then she was a young girl, who wanted to live her own experiences. Also for Juliet there wasn't a physical description and I imaged her aspect from the descriptions, which were made by Romeo. In fact, in the whole book the dialogues and the actions with other characters never describe the protagonist physically.


I think this story is very romantic and involving, because the writer push the reader to go after to understand completely the facts and to know how the characters will react to some news or situations. But the story is imaginary and out of the reality. The way in which the characters talk and act is unreal and too emphasized. The language isn't common, but it is strange and refined.