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Barcelona located at the Mediterranean sea in the very north of Spanish coast, is the capital of Catalonia, one of the 17 autonomous communities that make in Spain. Barcelona is certainly the most cosmopolitan and economically city in this country.
The best time to go to Barcelona is April, May, October and November because are not very hot. Barcelona basks in the sun in any season of the year and temperatures are very hot.
Getting around is easy and relatively cheap. Barcelona has got 2 different systems, the subway with its 5 lines and the FCG, with its 2 lines in Barcelona and another 4 ones that link the city to nearly towns.
Most visitors to Barcelona come to see Barrio Gòtico, el Ensanche and Las Ramblas.
The Barrio Gòtico or the Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest and most interesting part of Barcelona, here there are the Palacio Real Mayor, Palacio de Ayuntamiento (the townhall) and the Gothic Cathedral. On the contrary el Ensanche is the modern centre of Barcelona, built between 1870 and 1936, was planned by architect Cerda. The best know monuments in el Ensanche are the works of Antoni Gaudì, as the great cathedral Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, all of them masterworks of modernistic style.
To do shopping or have fun Las Ramblas are the best streets if you will find people of any age and social class, shoe shine boys, small stands selling flowers and vegetables, Street-theatres, big business- galleries, cafeterias, terraces as well as some of the great theatres of the city. And at the end of Las Ramblas is located he Port Bell, dominated by the tower of Cristobal Colòn.

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Don’t forget to visit the mountain of Montjuic, the scenery of the World Expositin of 1929 and in 1992 the Olympic Games took place here. On the top of the mountain, surrounded by beautiful park, there is a fortress of 17th century.
Barcelona is also famous for its fiestas, The Festival of Sant Jordi, Catalunia’s patron, on April 23rd and the Fiesta del la Mercé on September 24th the most spectacular event in Barcelona.
Food in Spain are one of the best in the world, especially Catalan’s cosine where fish are the main ingredients (paella) and is the land of fun and alcoholics drink the most famous is Sangria, a wine and fruit punch sometimes laced with brandy.
This is the beautiful and fashionable Barcelona where tradition and history meet mode and fun.