Dead poet's society

Tema in inglese sul film "dead poet's society" (2 pagine formato doc)

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The movie is shot in an English high school, during the 50’s.
It has strict rules and teachers impose their power and have 3 objectives: excellence, tradition and success. It’s a private school, so parents are really ambitious for their sons’ future; for example Neil’s father wants him to be a doctor and is very severe with him.

In 1959 a new teacher arrives from the USA, Mr. John Keating, who’s going to revolutionize the entire way of teaching and thinking for his students.
He doesn’t impose himself as the other teachers do, but rather uses a conversational approach, more familiar and reassuring, which allows students to say what they really think and feel. The message of the movie is  to be independent and say what you think and not what other people want you to say. Mr. Keating’s new way of teaching makes Neil rebel against his dad’s wishes, which ends up, unfortunately, with Neal’ s suicide.