Breve tema sulla Pasqua in Italia in lingua inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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3°c ling. 18th April 2006 Es n°8 page 67: A travel magazine is running a competition for the best description of a festival in your country. Write a description for the competition. Easter festivities are celebrated in every Christian country because they celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The moon regulates these festivities: Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring, because in this period, plants resurrect too. The word “Easter” means passage, because it remembers the journey of the Jews in the desert, from Egypt to Palestine. The period before Easter is called Lent; it is a particular period of prays for all the Christians and it lasts 40 days because Jewish people stayed in the desert for 40 years.
The night between Saturday and Easter Sunday is a special night, because a lot of babies and people who want to become Christians are baptized. On Easter Eve, each family prepares a kid and a lamb, which are served on Easter day with shoots that are picked in fields. Usually, the day following Easter, people gather together to have a picnic, where they eat especially hard-boiled eggs. In the whole Easter period children receive chocolate eggs that contain a little surprise. They receive them because the egg is the main Easter symbol: it is a sign of never-ending life because of its oval shape and it represents the possible beginning of a new life. Easter is the festivity I prefer, because it is in spring and because I like the idea that a person can resurrect.