Five Days in London

Tour di cinque giorni di Londra in inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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London, situated on the river Thames in the south-east of Britain, isn’t only the economic and politic capital of Great Britain, but it is also a beautiful and impressive city full of magnificent buildings to see and dynamic places where have fun.
If you fly there, you will undoubtedly have the best time of your life! On the first day you will arrive at Gatwick Airport in London and afterwards you will transfer to hotel Savoy, where you will stay for four nights. You will have lunch in the hotel restaurant. In the afternoon you will begIn your visit of London by admiring the Tower of London, the fortress built by William of Normandy which during the history has served as a royal palace, seat of government, prison and jewel house. You can walking on Tower Bridge too, the one bridge on the Thames that can be raised, and admire a beautiful panorama of the famous river.
In the evening you will have free time to have dinner in the area around Petticoat Square, which presents hospitable restaurants and pubs.