Henry VIII and the Reformation

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Henry was born on 28 June 1491 in the palace of Greenwich, near London.
He was the second son of the king Hery VII, the first sovereign of the Tudor dynasty. In 1509 when his father died he ascended the throne, when he was only seventeen. In the same year he married his brother’s widow, a Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, with a special permission. He was quite unlike his father. He was cruel, wasteful with money and interested only in pleasing himself. The first period of his reign was concerned with foreign affairs, wars and diplomacy during which he wanted to be an important influence in European politics. He reinforced the authority of the State and, understanding the importance of sea-power to England, built a strong Royal Navy for the first time in British history.
But the leading event in Henry VIII reign was the breach with Rome and the establishment of the Anglican Church. As a young king, Henry defended the Church against the new ideas of Martin Luther in Germany and John Calvin in Gineva...