Tema sull'amore nella letteratura

Il tema dell'amore nella letteratura inglese: "Love is a universal feeling". Tema in inglese sull'amore celebrato nei sonetti di Shakespeare ed esaltato da molti poeti: è ancora presente nella società di oggi? Esistono ancora Romeo e Giulietta nel mondo? (1 pagine formato doc)

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Love Is a universal feeling, glorified by poet all over the world and celebrated in literature through the history.

Compositions like Shakespeare’s sonnets were appreciated by lovers of every kind, everywhere. But nowadays love has changed.
In modern society the lack of romanticism is a great problem in new relations, and especially young guys think that love literature and love sonnets are excessively sentimental, and don’t suit to our historical period; they consider them too old-aged to have a real interest today.

The search for love is still present in new generation, but changed its form and ways. Many persons search for love in different ways from the past. Speed-date or internet messages are the new form of communication for lovers. In this case the risk for young people is to loose the romanticism, and have no impact on the loved person, because virtual profiles and messages do not reflect the qualities which are required to capture the opposite sex's attention.

In literature love is celebrated in classical, but very interesting themes. The search for youthness and pure love are one of the themes that characterize love compositions. This are real lovers, they are capable to reach their lover’s heart directly, being so close to it even when it is too far or sick.


Even today, love is not died at all. A lot of Romeos and Juliets are still present all over the world, continue to consider love as a pure and intensive feeling, and demonstrate it with poetry and sonnets made by themselves. Many of them conserve with jealousy some poems and don’t want to show it to their teachers or friends because of the fear that

they will not understand their compositions; This demonstrate a great interest in love themes and show us that love is not a old-aged feeling
Life is a continuous experiment where nothing is stable or permanent. A feeling such as love can suddenly appear ,it  can grow , mature and transform itself, but it can also, suddenly,  wane, waver and die.


Love can also be replaced by a new stronger feeling, that can also appear unexpectedly.
Some persons also today have the great talent of understand it, and write it down, composing personal sonnets. This is still a piece of romanticism, celebrated by young and timorous poets, who have not fear to compose something that can celebrate pure love, even in modern society,
with the same strength and passion for love themes as in Shakespeare’s sonnets.