Tema su cos'è la moda e perchè i giovani la seguono. In inglese. (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di shando
"Fashion" is the term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most people in a certain place at a certain time "Fashion" is the term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most people in a certain place at a certain time.
Fashion is, or reflects, a form of behaviour accepted by most people in a society. A particular fashion tends to remain popular for a few months or years and then it's replaced with another. Teenagers are more vulnerable to the problems fashion can cause. Fashion is a point of reference for all teenagers. People wear clothing today for improve their appearance and for communicate to others something about their individuality or position. Today, sometimes we buy new clothes because our old ones wear out or no longer fit.
But most often we buy new clothes because fashions change. People follow fashion for a variety of reasons. We like to feel "with the group." We may want to identify with a select or privileged group. Some people believe that having fashionable clothes raises their position in life. Following fashion is also a way to increase acceptance from others. The styles of fashion are followed for making hit on the others. Standards of beauty change through the years, and people follow those standards so that they are perceived as attractive by others. This is the problem: the teenagers follow fashion for others and not for themselves. This is wrong. I believe uniform suppresses individuality. The conformism don't let people show the way they are and express themselves.Fashion often has little to do with the practical and much more to do with the magical: clothing can turn us into something we are not. For me, it is all about money and who has most, popularity and consumerism. Fashion is big business. The media have a big part to play in fashion. I think that if the media were to change and use more actors who correspond more to the average people many problems for young people would be resolved. But I think also that we need fashion because it is a necessary part of growing up, and learning about what kind of person we are. Overall, I can see that there are both benefits and problems with fashion, and that without fashion we would have a lot less discrimination and a decrease in feelings of inadequacy. However, without fashion life would be boring, and people would find it difficult to be their own person. Just think about what it would be like if we all had the same face…