Breve itinerario turistico di Napoli, in lingua inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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Mysterious and fascinating, intriguing and passionate, chaotic and contradictory: this is Naples, the great capital of the Mediterranean.
Moonlit nights, the sparkling atmosphere of popular feasts and the smell of the sea, all these have contributed to its fame. While being a modern city it is still solidly linked to the traditions of the past. The city offers itself as a universe to be explored: its artistic heritage is immense. Unlike other European cities, in Naples the castles have never been dwelling and refuges for nobles and serfs, but real and proper palaces. The coastiline is dominated by the massive tuff walls of the Castel dell’Ovo, the most ancient in the city, which towers over the tiny island of Megaride.
First a Roman Villa, then a convent, then a Norman Royal Palace, it is today one of the most evocative and panoramic places in the Gulf. Castel Capuano,which still contains fine sixteenth century frescoes, now houses the civil courts...