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Saggio sui pericoli delle nuove tecnologie in inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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COMPOSITION: “can new technologies become oppressive of individual liberties COMPOSITION: “can new technologies become oppressive of individual liberties?” I believe in technology.
I think that, without some technological innovations, life would be very hard; in addition to that we must consider the fact that progress is part of the human kind. Anyway I believe also that some inventions could be used in a bad way and, yes, they could even become oppressive of individual liberties. Without the new methods of control, like small video cameras and voice recorders, it would be much more difficult for the police system to catch criminals, but it is easily possible even for common people to spy someone. We also should think about the influence of mass-medias.
Italy is a great example of mass-medias abuse: a developed country like Italy is only at the 35th place in the list of the world most informed countries, after Madagascar, but it has more than 10 channels which transmit news and a large number of newspapers. Mass-medias have a great influence on people, we are so used to see perfect movie stars, with a perfect house and a perfect car, so we would like to be like them and we are indirectly forced to buy that car and that house. Another important aspect we must consider is the development of scientific research: cloning and genetically modified organisms are just some examples. Nowadays we cannot go to a supermarket without being afraid of the food we may buy. Maybe it is not worth it to mention the chemical weapons that are getting more and more importance. Sometimes I think about going back to the origins, when people did not need a car or a television or a mobile phone. Maybe in this way we will find the values we have lost with the improvement of technology, and we will be able to build a world we would like our children to live in.