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Review in inglese del film Blade Runner, portata ad un esame ISE II e valutata A A B A A, 209 parole. (1 pagine formato doc)

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Blade Runner (1982), by Ridley Scott Actors: Harrison Ford, Sean Young Blade Runner (1982), by Ridley Scott Actors: Harrison Ford, Sean Young Based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, the film is one of the most popular and influential science-fiction films of all time, and many films have attempted to duplicate its dystopic, cyberpunkish look (influenced by “Metropolis” and “2001: a Space Odissey”).
This is an ambitious, enigmatic, visually-complex noir detective thriller, having all its requisite parts - an alienated hero of questionable morality, a femme fatale, dark sets and locations in a dystopic Los Angeles of 2019, and a downbeat voice-over narration. Its main character is a weary, former police officer/bounty hunter who is reluctantly dispatched by the state to search for four android replicants (robotic NEXUS models), created with limited life spans (a built-in fail-safe mechanism in case they became too human) that have escaped from enslaving conditions on an Off-World outer planet to locate their creator and force him to prolong their short lives.
The film's theme is the difficult quest for immortality. Moreover, asks the veritable question: what does it mean to be truly human?. In fact one of its main posters advertised the tagline: "MAN HAS MADE HIS MATCH - NOW IT'S HIS PROBLEM." A masterpiece for science fiction lovers Total: 207 words