Royal Mail Ship Titanic

Tema in inglese sul Titanic: storia, misteri e tutto quello che riguarda il famoso transatlantico, che l'anno prossimo "festeggierà" il suo 100 anniversario dall'affondamento (4 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di matteobizzotto
Outline Plan (296 words):

The R.M.S.
Titanic was an actual representation of Europe in many ways.
The division of society, the discoveries and inventions of that time and the unchallenged dominance of science and engineering which underlined the splendour and the importance of Europe itself. In my opinion, to discuss this great naval disaster, besides the obvious importance of the episode, it is also a way to consider it being the turning point between a society of beauty and development to another based on war and dictatorships.

In my essay, my first aim is to tell the story as it really happened, trying to be as objective as possible to explode myths and bias that surround it, and focussing my attention on Titanic building and sinking. Then I want to discuss why this masterpiece of technology is on the bottom of the Atlantic.
As a last point, I would like to analyze and find an answer to the most discussed question "was Titanic's sinking an accident or something already planned?", to understand if it is just one of the many legends beyond the tragedy or if it is a plausible fact supported by proof.

To discuss these points I am going to use all the sources I can find, searching and underlining the parts that I really need and discarding the rest. Then I will copy in a chronological order all the relevant information on a page, so I can have everything under control. After this, half of the work is done: I will need to re-write everything with my words and focussing my attention on my target points and highlighting them.