Social network: advantages and disadvantages

Tema sui vantaggi e svantaggi dei social network svolto in lingua inglese per la tesina di maturità (3 pagine formato doc)

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A social network is a virtual community very useful in social sciences in order to study relationships between individuals, groups and organizations.
The term is used to describe a social structure determined by many interactions. This community works as a place where people can meet, talk and compare with others.
The reasons why individuals and companies join a social network can be so different:
• socialization,
• research of information,
• sharing of interests,
• job hunt,
• developpement of business.

Definizione di Networking


These virtual communities allow people to cut down geographical barriers giving the possibility to establish relationships in any part of the world, sharing experiences with people far away and establishing strategic alliances with companies.
The nature of social networks varies from one site to another and also there are so many reasons why people choose the same one. For example, a social network with generic social aims such as Facebook give you the opportunity to interact with others to share various types of information, which is different from social network with a  specific purposes for example built in order to meet special needs, only useful for some kinds of users.
We can definitely admit that with the advent of the Internet the society has changed.
Everything can now be looked at from a different point of view. But all this is positive or not? There are a lot of changes, they involve any sector: from culture to politics, from the language and interpersonal relationships. Just think about the possibility of keeping in touch with social networks, to have their own virtual bank account to purchase products online with credit cards or prepaid.

Pro e contro dei social network: tema svolto in italiano


THEY ARE CHEAP: the more time passes, the more the means are perfected and the prices of supports and services become low. Among other offices, and public sector organizations offer free internet access to its users (schools, universities and libraries).
COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION OCCUR IN REAL TIME: It is a fast method that allows you to communicate in real time at any distance you are and with whatever part of the world.
COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION ARE GLOBAL: New media contact all the people in all the states and cities of the world!
MEDIA ARE COMFORTABLE: You can use them from the comfort of your home or office or school.
MAINTAIN AND INCREASE-INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: the most popular social network in the world is in fact succeeded by working to reconnect people who lost touch. In addition, you can consider an excellent tool to make new friends and new acquaintances and then expand their social network.
INTERNET-Enhanched HYPOTHESY SELF-DISCLOSURE: This hypothesis states that the positive effects of the Internet on social connections and subjective well-being in adolescence are explained by the fact that:
• The online communications promotes the Self-opening,
• The Self-opening results in the creation of social ties deeper,
• The creation of social ties deepest results in well-being.

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