J. Swift, Gulliver's travels

Nel testo (in inglese) viene analizzata la vita dello scrittore Swift e la sua maggiore opera "i viaggi di Gulliver": panoramica sui temi affrontati nel libro e spunti tematici di riflessione (2 pagine formato doc)

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One of the English authors that we have studied during the year is Jonathan Swift.
Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1667. He studied at the Trinity College and in1688 he became the secretary of an English politician, Sir William Temple, and moved to London. During this period, he wrote some satires on the political and religious corruption that surrounded him. Unfortunately for Swift, the Tory government fell out of power in 1714 and Swift, despite his fame for his writings, fell out of favour. He returned to Dublin , where he became the dean of St. Patrick’s.
After his return to Ireland, Swift became a strong supporter of the Irish against English attempts to fight against English economy and political power. He wrote in 1726 Gulliver’s travel, that gave him a lot of fame during the years and is still one of the most appreciated books all over the world. He died in Dublin in 1745. Swift is without doubt one of the most controversial among English great writer.