Tema sull'ambiente e l'inquinamento

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Tema in inglese sull'ambiente e l'inquinamento per la scuola media (1 pagine formato doc)


Tema sull'ambiente e l'inquinamento.

The environment and the pollution. In the world there are a lot of serious problems: one of these is the pollution.
When we destroy or contaminate the environment with various waste, we pollute.
There are 4 kind of pollution:
- Air pollution: air transportation, factory fumes, road traffic, cfcs;
- Water pollution: oil spills, industrial waste, shipping (oil tankers and cruise ship), fertilizers carried by rain;
- Land pollution: pesticides, industrial waste, rubbish and fertilizers;
- Noise pollution: air and rail transportation, road traffic, lawn movers, car alarms and lawn mowers.
We must remember that: glass never decomposes, plastic decomposes in 1000 yrs, while aluminum decomposes in 500 yrs.

Tema sull'inquinamento ambientale: cause, conseguenze e rimedi


There is a little solution for this: the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. If all the people do this, we can save the Earth.

Recycling is the reprocessing of old materials into new products, with the aims of preventing the waste of potentially useful materials.
There are a lot of problems caused by the pollution:
- the rubbish;
- the litter on the beach;
- unleaded petrol;
- an endangered species;
- the deforestation, with someone who cutting down a tree in a rainforests;
- the factories pulling the air;
- pollution river.
The Earth is in danger!!! We must save it.
One of the main risks for our planet are the acid rain: they form when the gases from cars and factories mix with atmospheric water. These rain destroy forests, many animals and plants don’t survive. In the next 30 years one quarter of animals bird and fish will die for the disappearance of natural habitats, pollution and hunting.
Other problems are:
the global warming. The Earth’s temperature increase for 2 reasons: an increase in carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, and for a decreased in oxygen because o the deforestation.

Tema sull'inquinamento e i possibili rimedi


But there is another problem: the damage to the ozone layer because the chemicals have made a hole in it so ultraviolet rays can reach us very easily. This problem will cause an increase in skin cancer and will have disastrous effects on animal life, agriculture and the weather can changed.
Besides there is the deforestation because the man want many other land where he can cultivate or for only take money, but now this is a great problem because the deserts will become bigger and they will cover large areas of the Earth.
A solution is the alternative energy. These are subdivide in 2 team: renewable and not renewable energies.
The renewable energies are the wind, the solar, the geothermal and the ocean; the not renewable energies are the oil, the natural gas and the coal.

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