testo sulla televidìsione in inglese.

Testo in inglese sulla televisione di 142 parole. (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di selychan
Since its birth television became the most important mass media all over the world. In the past television brought culture and information in every house, thousand of people have learnt to read with television. But today, unfortunately, television is used with a different purpose. In our television there is a lot of violence and sex that has a negative influence. Also viewers use television in a different way. Mothers use television as baby sitter and the kid is bombarded by millions of information assuming that is the real word without seeing what reality is. Certainly there are some programmes that are useful but at the end which is the side that predominate? The positive or the negative side? This is a hard question; I think that gradually the negative side of television is over coming the good one.