Volunteer work

Tema in lingua inglese sul volontariato (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di rossa1991
The volunteer work is a moment of sacrifice, but it also gives a lesson of life to whom the practice.
he/she wants to say being agree, hocking his/her own time to improve the life of the others. You/he/she can be an occasion of which to take advantage for putting on to the service of more unlucky people, where also a smile can be useful to cheer and to clear the day of people with problems. But it is often difficult to be serene seeing so much pain and so much suffering in sick people, but if the smile maintains him you/he/she can be given joy and him you/he/she is repaid by a deep affection and often also from the possibility to understand that the hope never dies. There is no need to do a lot, all it takes is listening, to be nearby, to make company, in short simply to make to feel our presence and we can see this way that the people change, they find again the smile.
this of which you/they have need is love, affection, a pò of attention and care not to feel himself/herself/themselves abandoned to him same.