What was the spirit of the World War I?

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“There’s nothing worse than war” writes Hemingway in “Farewell to arms”.
War is described as a horrifying event: everyone suffers, everyone loses somebody, it’s difficult to survive, you have to be strong and ready to sacrifice. Being in war means involving the population in a hard life, made up of big fear, destroying of houses, part of lives. During the war everyone is involved: from the peasant to the politician from the leader to the children. Hemingway and the war poets are so important because they are a personal, true, realistic evidence of what is the great suffer they have to stand: you spend the days with people, you won’t never know if you’ll be able to see again, one second you can talk quietly with a mate of the army, and the one later he is vanished hit by a bomb. But what is incredible, is that they can describe through the use of onomatopeyas, words that recall lights, crushes and all the words that concern the sight and the hearing, such as, “roar”, rifles”, “star-shells”, they make up in the mind of the reader a landscape of death and desperation: everything around is blood is, still, dead , or bodies just taking the last breath of life.
When the protagonist of the novel sees that his knee has gone, it’s possible to catch that he didn’t understand it till he feel wet and warm, till he feels strange. It’s all question of a moment, you can’t be conscious, seems all a bad nightmare, but then you when you feel you are not able to move, you there trapped under some rubbles, you come back to reality to see how damned is the war and its consequences.
Hemingway write a sort of polemic towards the politicians too, referring in particular to Austrians. He asks to himself why one of the two parts, can’t stop fighting so the other could fed up and the war would be over, he complains for the fact that people can’t be happy for what they have and they should appreciate it instead of wishing more, and so invade another country bearing hate and then war. A lot of lives have been broken, too many.