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TOPIC: “Young people” (GRADE VII) TOPIC: “Young people” (GRADE VII) About young people today it would seem, at first sight, that contemporary society grants the new generation more opportunities than before enjoying more freedom, leading a busy life, being able to spend a lot of money having fun, travelling, playing a lot of sports but this is a mistake because young people are often stopped in their desires by suspicion and mistrust by the adults and because of other problems.
One of these problems is unemployment: many youths today find it difficult to get a job. It is also clear that young people have certain needs and aspirations, consequently, unemployment for them means financial worries, frustration and discouragement.
Since many youths are not mature enough to cope with such problems, they take to delinquency, drugs, vandalism, theft... moreover they compensate for their feelings by striking out against society, by revolting against adult authority, and finally, becoming involved in those antisocial activities by people of their own group. A very disturbing youth attitude, for example, is the violence in the stadiums that very often causes the death of many innocent victims, or car accidents in which a lot of people, after spending a night at a disco, drive their cars at full speed losing their young lives in crashes. Another problem facing young people is the tension which exists between parents and children, youths usually resent any restrictions placed upon them, they invariably believe that their parents are overanxious and overprotective. So a natural reaction for young people is doing what is forbidden but maybe sometimes children should listen to their parents to avoid some problems. An example is the relationship between opposites sexes. Very often we hear about a mortal virus called AIDS, that can be contracted through sexual intercourse, but also by injecting drugs with syringes that may be infected. I'm just a seventeen-year-old girl and defining people that are my same age is a strange thing, and maybe I have only described the negative aspects of this age group, but I realize that we aren't all the same. As a matter of fact today there are a lot of boys and girls interested in voluntary service and ecology; there are boys and girls who have the most important human values like work, career, success, friendship, love, family. There are a lot of problems and relevant consequences for young people world, and maybe there are no good solutions. According to me we only need to understand and love everybody, overall people that are near us like family, school and friends! Sara Messina