Fascismo, Mendel, LIibia, petrolio, art nouveau

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Tesina di terza media. Collegamenti: Inglese: The First World War Storia: Fascismo Scienze: Mendel e le leggi della genetica Geografia: La Libia Tecnica: Petrolio Musica: Wagner + brano "Marcia Nuziale" Letteratura: Decadentismo e D'Annunzio Arte: Art Nouveau e Art Nouveau a Milano Francese: L'Art Nouveau à Paris Educazione Fisica: Il Kung Fu (26 pagine formato doc)

Inglese: The First World War
Storia: Il Fascismo
Scienze: Mendel e le leggi della genetica
Geografia: La Libia

Tecnica: Il petrolio
Musica: Wagner
Letteratura: Il Decadentismo e D’Annunzio
Arte: L’Art Nouveau
Francese: L’Art Nouveau à Paris
Scienze Motorie Sportive: Il Kung Fu


The First World War started between Serbia and Austria-Hungary in 1914.
The official cause was the assassination of the archduke of Austria, in Sarajevo.
Italy joined the war only in 1915 with the Entente.
1917 was probably the most important year of the war.
In this year the United States declared war on Germany and started to send a total of 2 million soldiers to Europe. Russia abandoned the fight because of internal political problems that led to the October Revolution.
Germany and Austria tried to exploit this fact by attacking Italy and France.
The first attack broke the Italian lines at Caporetto, but was stopped on the Piave river. The second big attack, this time in France, wasn’t successful too.
The treaties of Versailles, Saint-Germain, Trianon and others ended the First World War in 1918.