Nelson Mandela, riassunto in inglese

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Nelson Mandela: riassunto in inglese della biografia dell'ex Presidente del Sudafrica, il primo ad essere eletto dopo la fine dell'apartheid (1 pagine formato doc)


Nelson Mandela (English).

Nelson Mandela was an important man for the liberation of South Africa. He fought against apartheid, it was a separation of races. Mandela was born in 1918 from a tribe. His name was given by his teacher.
He became a lawyer and he fought against the Apartheid with another lawyer: Oliver Tambo. Mandela was the vice-president of an important political party called “The African National Congress” (ANC). He adopted a policy of peaceful resistance, but there were a lot of violence towards black people.


In 1960 the ANC became illegal but Mandela continued his activities and he was arrested for 26 years from 1964 to 1990 when Mr. de Klerk, the president of South Africa, freed Mandela. One of events that took place while Mandela was in prison was the Soweto Children’s Uprising. On 16 th June 1976, twenty black school children were killed by white police during a peaceful demonstration outside their school.
Mandela and de Klerk continued their fight: in 1990 the Apartheid stopped and in 1993 and they were both  awarded the Nobel Prize. In May 1994, after the election, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. Today Mandela is alive and he’s 95 years old.

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The place where Mandela was imprisoned was Robben Island, an island 12 km away from Cape Town, and now is a World Heritage Site. Mandela is one of the 4 heroes of the 20 th century with Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Iqbal Masih. I really admire Mandela for his pacifist policy and for his courage.