Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights

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Tesina in inglese contenente una descrizione della vita di Emily Bronte e un'approfondita analisi della sua opera più celebre: Cime Tempestose (4 pagine formato doc)

LIFE (1818-1848)
lived in Haworth → childhood: death of -mother (had literary interests) -two old sisters (early childhood) + shared her world with: -sister Anne (died at 29 of consumption) -sister Charlotte (fame as a writer, died at 39 of childbirth) -brother Patrick (died at 32 of consumption, addicted to alcohol and laudanum) -aunt -father (Irish clergyman who studied in Cambridge, writer, man of literary interests) -family servant + what mattered: -reassuring ordinariness of the domestic family routine -magic of the imaginary world she created with Anne (Gondal Saga) → cared little of the world outside + no social life + no feminist ideology or sense of a common cause 

Charlotte's Jane Eyre famous fot its claims for sexual equality + Anne's Tenant of Wildefell Hall indictment of both sexual double standards) → -pleasure and attention to domestic detail -hermetically sealed world -alertness to the natural world around her -passionate engagement with world of imagination → never lost her grip on reality → read: -Aesop -Bunyan -Scott -Byron -Shakespeare -The Arabian Nights → school for a year more or less → junior teacher at Law Hill girls school → home when her health broke down → with Charlotte to Brussels to study French and German → planning to open their own school → could not bear living away from Haworth and came back
chronicles of imaginary countries: -autobiographical transpositions of family relationships with emblematic value -descriptions related to the nature of the landscape she loved → -Charlotte and Patrick= “cycle of Angria” -Emily and Anne= “stories of Gondal”