Tesina su Londra

Tesina in lingua inglese su Londra, nella quale sono menzionate le più importanti attrazioni turistiche con qualche cenno storico (9 pagine formato doc)

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Tesina su Londra, la capitale e maggiore città dell'Inghilterra.

The original name of London is Londinium. It is roman city; It’s main town of united kingdom, is the largest town of Europe. In the centre there are taxi, bus and ferryboat.  
It is crossed by the Tames river and its inhabitants are 7 millions about.
Cars go on left side of the road, not on the right side, as the rest of Europe.
The most famous monuments are:
- Tower bridge, the most famous bridge, builded in 1886-94;
- Westminster Palace, head office of Parliament in the heart of the city;
- Knightbridge, is an elegant area;
- Trafalgar square, there is a column builded as memory of Orazio Nelson;
- Piccadilly circus, centre of the worldly life;
- Westminster Abbey, in which the royals are buried.

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At the centre of London there is a tower of London, it is built in 1078 by William the conqueror (reigned 1066-87) adjacent to the Thames.
This was protect by the Normans.
Another legend ascribed the tower not to William but to the Romans.

William Shakespeare in his play Richard III stated that it was built by Julius Caesar.
Tower bridge - The Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge builded in 1886-94. The major contractors were Sir John Jackson, Baron Armstrong, William Webster, Sir H.H. Bartlett and Sir William Arrol & Co. They employed 432 construction workers.
The total cost of this construction was £1.184.000.

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Buckingham Palace is one of the most important and monumental attractions of London.
Especially it is the residence of The Queen when she lives in London.
It is big, with large rooms. In the period in which The Queen lives in the Palace it is possible to see her flag flying on the top of the building.
Often, outside the Palace there are many peoples waiting to watch The Change of the Guard, as  a sort of daily repetitive show in London.
The side of the palace not used by The Queen is available to the tourists during the week, for tours and visits.
Near Buckingham  Palace there are two other splendid royal parks: St James’s Park and Green Park.
Together Buckingham  Palace they form a beautiful green.

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The London Eye is beautiful, it’s very big, new panoramic wheel on the banks of the river Thames near Big Ben.
You can see nearly all of London from it, including the new Wembley Stadium,
St. Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. It’s fantastic. It’s like being on an aeroplane because it’s 135 meters tall.
The guide tells you about the history of London and the monuments.
It moves quite slowly so you can look and take.