Stati Uniti d'America: tesina in inglese

Tesina di inglese sugli Stati Uniti d'America: i principali avvenimenti degli anni '70, gli aspetti culturali, sociali, politici ed economici (3 pagine formato docx)

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The United States of America. Geographical aspects and formation of the USA. The United States are a federal republic composed by 50 States and the Federal District of Columbia with the capital Washington.
They are situated in North America, they have the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, they border with two States: Canada and Mexico. The Canadian boundary is bordered by five Big Lakes and by a parallel, the Mexican one is bordered by the Rio Grande river or Rio Bravo river. The USA were born in 1776 when 13 English colonies which were established on the Atlantic coasts expressed the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.
In the United States’ flag the 13 stripes symbolize the ex colonies and the 50 stars symbolize the 50 States which form the USA. The territory is divided in four regions: the east one is the most populated and the most industrialized, the Great Plains are the best area for farming, the south one has oilfields and mineral resources, the Far West is a mountainous and seismic area. Today the United States are the fourth biggest country after Russia, Canada and China and they are the third most populated country after China and India.


SALT agreements and Vietnam war. During the 70s, the USA and the Soviet Union signed the SALT agreements, namely Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. In 1972 they signed the SALT I agreement, which reduced the number of missiles that the two States can own; in 1979 they signed the SALT II agreement. On 8th April 2010 the American president Barack Obama and the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev signed an other agreement in Prague, the new START, namely STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the new agreement for the reduction of strategic arms and for the nuclear disarm. From 1964 to 1973 the United States took part in the Vietnam war. Vietnam was divided in two parts by the seventeenth parallel: the North Vietnam, communist, and the South Vietnam, occidental. The USA wanted to prevent the spread of the communism, so they fought with the South Vietnamese against the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong guerrillas. The war soon became unpopular: young Americans didn’t want to leave their family, their studies or their job to go and fight in a far country such as Vietnam. The American public opinion’s protests, the military failures and the big number of deaths and injuries forced the United States to leave the war.


The Watergate scandal. Richard Nixon, the thirty-seventh president of USA from 1969 to 1974, is the only president who resigned from his position because of the Watergate scandal. Watergate was a political scandal broke out in 1972 which accused Nixon of wanting to weaken the Democratic Party and the pacifist movements’ opposition. In 1974 an interception could cause an impeachment, namely a trial postponement of governmental functions that make illegal things, for the president. To avoid the impeachment, Nixon resigned on 9th August 1974. During his presidency, Nixon: withdrew the troops from Vietnam, approved the Apollo missions on the Moon, left the gold standard, which is the convertibility of dollars in gold, normalized the relationships with China which entered ONU in 1971, brought an important environmental policy reform, signed the SALT I agreement with Leonid Breznev.