James Joyce: tesina

James Joyce: tesina in inglese sulla vita e opere dello scrittore e poeta irlandese, con particolare attenzione a quattro romanzi, quali "Dubliners", "The portrait of the artist as a young man", "Ulysses" e "Finnegans wake" (3 pagine formato doc)

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James Joyce, tesina.

The period starts before World War I is called Modernism, because of the great changes which affected Europe and America.
First of all, there was a radical brake with the literary tradition af the 19th century, in particular the form gor a foundamental importance, according so to the aesthetic movement.
The writers started representing the variety of the urban life,that was fragmentary and caotic, also recourring to the primitive mith,and some particular narrative devices, such as the epiphany and the stream of consciousness.
Their writing was mainlt influenced by the theories of the austrian doctor Sigmund Freud, who explained that the development of our personality was greatly affected by the unconscious, the hidden part of ourselves.
By studiing the human mind, Frued gave great importance to the interpretation of dremas and to the free associations of thoughts. According  to this last theory, each individual associates his ideas freely, guided by the personal experiences.
Many writers was fascinated by this and tried to apply it to the analysis of the mind of their character, like Virginia Woolf did.

James Joyce: riassunto della vita e opere


Modern literature was also influenced by the German philosopher Friedrich mietzche, who showed his contempt for chistrianity and exalted the will to dominate, with the theory of the superman. This, superior to ordinary morality, would replace the christian idela. So according to him, religion lost its indisputable power and men felt deprived of all certainties they had always believed in, with a lack of any reference point. This situation generated a profound sense of anxiety, so that the age was called “the age of Anxiety”.
The Modernism was born abroad with Conrad and Henry James, who used the psychologichal analysis to show the complexity of human mind.Literary Modernism flourished with James Joyce, Thomas Eliot and Virginia Woolf, who deals with the unconsciuos in daily life, by using the “stream of consciuosness technique”.

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James Joyce was born in 1882 in Dublin, into a Catholic family. Joice received his early eduacation at the hands of the Jesuits,and then he went to University College, Dublin, where he graduated and specialized in modern languages. He took no part in the Irish literary revival, which accompanied Irish political nationalism because, he felt the Irish patriotism as a provincial movement which paralysed the development of a free spirit in the country.
In 1902 he decided he had learned enough to reject his religion and all his obligations to the family and homeland. Literature became his vocation and his declared bid for the immortality.