Vivere è viaggiare, viaggiare è vivere: tesina

Presentazione in power point sul tema "Vivere è viaggiare, viaggiare è vivere": tesina sui vari modi che la vita propone all'uomo per viaggiare, visto attraverso opere d'arte, poesie e romanzi, paragonandolo poi al viaggio del XXI secolo (21 pagine formato pps)

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« Dobbiamo andare e non fermarci finché non siamo arrivati» «Dove andiamo?» «Non lo so, ma dobbiamo andare »
(Jack Kerouac - On the road)
Vivere è viaggiare.

Viaggiare è vivere.
Introduzione: “On the Road” of Jack Kerouac
Il viaggio tra arte e letteratura
“L’invitation au voyage” de Charles Baudelaire
“Da dove veniamo? Chi siamo? Dove andiamo?” Paul Gauguin
“Girovago” di Giuseppe Ungaretti
“Prima del viaggio” di Eugenio Montale
“Wachstum im Güterwagen” von Günter Grass
Turismo: il viaggio del ventesimo secolo
“On the Road” of Jack Kerouac
I was inspired by the reading of a Kerouac’s text taken from his novel “On the Road” to analyze and use the “travel” as main theme in this work.

Vivere è viaggiare.
Viaggiare è vivere: tesina di maturità



On the Road” (1959) is a novel about the lifestyle of the “Beat Generation”, a mouvement in contrast with the bourgeois conception to have a permanent habitation, a job and a family.
Jack Kerouac
Jean-Louis "Jack" Kerouac (1922 Lowell - 1969), son of french-canadian immigrants, at the end of the war he began travelling across the USA because of the influence of the intellectual Neal Cassidy. After four months he went back and began to write “on the road”, this pubblication marked the beginning of Kerouac’s success.
Because of his popularity the writer started to lead a solitary life, and became more and more addicted to alcohol and drugs. He died at the age of 47 because of an hemorrahage caused by drugs and alcohol.

Tesina di maturità sul viaggio



In this passage the protagonist, Sal Paradise (who stands for Kerouac himself), reports his travel westwards by hitchhiking along a highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles.
During this passage, Sal has to reach Chicago.
At the beginning his first ride was a dynamite truck that left him in the route 66, then, a woman who wanted somebody to help her drive to Iowa stopped and bring him to Davenport.
Here a car bring him to a lonely crossroads, where the only cars that came by were farmer-cars that gave him suspicions looks. He was scared, there was even any lights in the Iowa.
But luckily a man going back to Davenport gave him a lift downtown. But it was right where he started from.
“L’invitation au Voyage” de Charles Baudelaire
Charles Baudelaire était un poète, écrivain et critique français qui a créé la figure du “Bohemien” et des plaisirs nocturnes.
Embléme anti-bourgeoisie et du mythe romantique du jeune garçon qui laisse sa maison et sa famille pour se dédier aux plaisirs interdits et échapper à la réalité dans laquelle il vive.