Monet: arte e vita

Tesina sulla vita e sull'arte di Monet, con l'analisi di alcune sue opere, quali: Soleil levant, Déjeuner sur l'herbe, Rouen cathedral e Nympheas; e citazioni dell'artista (8 pagine formato doc)

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1840     Birth of Claude Oscar MONET on November 14th in Paris.

1858    Claude Monet meets Eugène Boudin who encourages him to paint out of doors.
1859     Monet enters the Swiss Academy.
1865     Monet's paintings are submitted for the first time to the official Salon. Camille Doncieux his lady friend and Bazille pose for Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe.

1868     Monet tries to commit suicide.
1870     Monet marries Camille, Courbet is his witness. From this relationship are born two children
1871    Death of his father. Monet settles at Argenteuil after visiting the Netherlands.     
1874     Monet exhibits "Impression : sunrise" at the first Impressionist exhibition in the studio of Nadar.
1876     Monet meets Ernest and Alice Hoschedé.
1878     His family settle at Vétheuil in compagny of the family Hoschedé.
1879     Death of Camille.
1886     self-portrait with a beret
1883     Monet rents a house at Giverny. He will stay there for 43 years.
1887     Monet exhibits in New-York thanks to Durand-Ruel.
1889     Monet exhibits with Rodin.
1891     Death of Ernest Hoschedé.
1892     Monet paints the Rouen Cathedrals series. He marries Alice in July.
1895    Monet paints several views of the Japanese bridge. He takes several trips to London and
paints views of the Thames.    
1907     First problems with his eyesight. Monet discovers Venice.
1911     Death of Alice.
1914     Death of  Monet's eldest son.   
1916 - 1926     Claude Monet works on The Water Lilies.
1923     Monet is nearly blind. He has an operation from the cataract in one eye. His sight improves.
ca. 1923 - 1926     In February Monet is still painting. But he suffers from lung cancer.
He dies on December 5th. He is buried in a simple ceremony at Giverny.


Claude Monet was an artist by trade. He never earned money from anything from his paintings. He began at school selling caricatures of his teachers.
All his feelings from happiness with his family to the painful death of his wife Camille turned into subjects for paintings. It seems that he didn't know how to express himself except on a canvas.
He began painting landscapes very early as the Norman painter Eugène Boudin encouraged him to do.
Impressionist art is based on the use of color, which has to "draw" the motive without resorting to line.
Monet wasn’t interested in trditions, he painted in ‘plein air’ and he studied natural light.

Claude Monet: biografia e opere



He try to represent only what was visible in a determinated moment of the day, without transfosm the effects of light on colours and shades. He was obsessed by light effect and try to resolve pictorial problems, that no artist before tried to do.
At the beginning of his career, Monet used dark colors, as he did in the 'Studio Corner' marked by black shades. His painting evokes Courbet and the Realist School.
From 1860, Monet abandonned dark colors and worked from a palette limited to pure light colors, combining  them, with their complementary, to give the impression of different luminosity and particular tonalities.