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Letters of enquiry are usually written to request information about a product or a service and are important means of establishing contact.
They are written for various reasons:
To ask for general information about goods or services
 To ask for material, such as catalogues, price-lists , quotations a nd samples
To ask about sales terms or product availability (discounts, payment terms and delivery times)
To arrange a visit from a representative.
Letters of enquiry generally follow a plan. In the first paragraph you state the source of information, in the second paragraph you state the reason for writing. In the third paragraph you introduce your company (only in case of a first contact with the exporter).
Then you make your request. This is the central part of the letter where you ask for what you need. In the following paragraph you refer to future business and in the last paragraph you close your letter requesting a reply.
We have seen the advertisement for your latest (name of article) in this week's "Global Commerce"    Abbiamo visto il vostro annuncio pubblicitario per il vostro ultimo………sul "Global Commerce" di questa settimana
We have read your advertisement in this month's/today's/the current issue of "Global Commerce" about your (name of article)    Abbiamo letto il vostro annuncio pubblicitario sulla copia del "Global Commerce" di questo mese/di oggi, a proposito del vostro…………………..
We found your name and address in the Yellow Pages on the Internet.    Abbiamo trovato il vostro nome ed indirizzo sulle pagine gialle in Internet.